Why NoVaxx Jokeavic kinda has a point 

So let’s get a few things straight from the off. I don't like Novac Djokvic

Mainly because he lacks style and showmanship and generally seems to be a bit of a dick. 

Obviously he’s decent at tennis and may even prove to be slightly better than me although we’ve never played each other so it’s hard to know. What I do know for certain is I’m undefeated against him. 

However, controversially I kinda think he has some credence here in his current Australian debacle. I know that’s not a popular opinion and society tells me I should be shunning him but here’s my view on it. 

He is healthy and disease free and going to bring prosperity to the country he is about to enter. The third point is whatever because let’s focus on the first two. 

More Vaccine Chat?

The rationale behind the vaccination programme is to ensure that those who get infected have less severe symptoms and therefore are less likely to be a burden on the healthcare system right? 

Well it could be very sensibly argued that if any normal human and one of the worlds greatest athletes with a private medical team get covid the likelihood is he, the athlete with bags of cash, will be far less of a burden to the healthcare system. 

But that’s not fair you cry? He has millions of dollars and can pay for the finest private treatment money can buy…. well - yes, thats the point. It isn’t fair. 

But it also isn’t fair he’s got a better backhand than me and it’s also not fair that my friend Ali who is an amazing tennis player never grew past 6foot and so was too small to be an elite tennis player. 

And is it fair that a sovereign nation gets to make up their own rules meaning someone can’t travel to their country based on their medical history? Probably

The world isn’t fair. We know that for sure! But based on the vaccine rationale which has been pumped down our throats there is no “fair” reason why Novaccccc shouldn’t be allowed into Australia to compete. He will not be an undue burden on their healthcare system. 

I am one hundred percent pro people taking the vaccine - but if people choose not to but are willing to look after themselves physically and be responsible for their own healthcare then it seems highly strange to punish them for political points!!  


Having said all of the above and in complete contrast I also kind of like the notion of a nation saying “you’re free to do whatever you want but if you wanna come in here for a jolly and you’re not a citizen these are our rules - if you don’t like them - there’s then door loser” 

Kinda like saying "freedom of choice does not mean freedom from consequence"

So there you have it!! My thoughts (not that anyone asked for them) on Novaxxxxx Jokevish

Hope you’re well 


p.s. Liz got covid and a nose job. She was happier about one of them