On Wednesday the 20th Jan, 2021, the chief political editor of the Telegraph, Christopher Hope, wrote about why the U.K. and Biden's new government will enjoy a good relationship despite the closeness of the previous orange institution with the Tory government currently wielding power in Westminster

His thesis

Joe Biden "Really cares about the U.K."

His first point of evidence to support this proposal -

Biden's ancestors from Mayo fled the famine in Ireland so he will empathise with Great Britain and hold a closeness and fondness for the region

Have a read of that again and see if anything about it appears off to you.

If you're Irish it will be abundantly clear what the glaringly obvious error is. If you're not let me add some further background.

That's the chief political editor of the Telegraph, a leading U.K. national publication - being blissfully unaware that the Republic of Ireland is an independent nation from the U.K. and that there is a long and tumultuous history between the two nations.

It is akin to stating:

"our ancestors forced his ancestors to flee their homeland during an economic genocide and take a perilous transatlantic journey of which few survived so he will probably be our best friend..."

So where is the Wednesday wisdom in this?

Well... this offers us a clear example of no doubt intelligent and articulate man who has been completely mis-educated on one particular subject by a system which has chosen which bits of history to include and exclude in it's delivery.

As ever I like avoid the controversial because the internet is full enough of those things. On a subject this close to home I could rant and rave about the incredible level of ignorance required to produce this piece.

But as people that gets us nowhere (apart from maybe a few more internet clicks).

It doesn't offer a route forward.

It doesn't foster unity and simply furthers the tribalism that has caused so many issues in our modern world.

2020 has shown us the only thing to do is keep moving forward and to head towards unity above all other things.

So let's search for that Wednesday Wisdom nugget.

Wednesday Wisdom

I can't control the syllabus delivered by any nation. And probably if you're reading this neither can you. But I can control my emotional response in most situations and the below bit of perspective might assist in that.

We cannot assume knowledge is universal

That's the one - that's the Wednesday wisdom

What are abundantly clear "facts" to me might be something that someone else has no knowledge of whatsoever.

What is taught from an early age as historical fact in the fair land of Ireland is not even covered in the English syllabus.

In this case it is an event which is burned into the Irish diaspora in a visceral fashion and it is probably not allotted more than two lines in most english textbooks.

There are countries around the world who unilaterally hate other nations citizens based on the things they learned in their history class yet those citizens might be blissfully unaware.

We cannot assume knowledge is universal*

No doubt we all have immense gaps in our knowledge.

Particularly when it comes to cultural, historical, political knowledge.

And often that is not our fault. We only have access to certain information. Certain textbooks. Certain algorithms online.

Regardless of your politics how wonderful was it to see newly elected President Joe Biden preach a message of unity over division.

Our first instinct should be to seek to understand each other better and come together rather than rush to hate

Have a good week and try learn something you didn't know before :)

Dennis Irwin was a world class defender


P.S. *Having said all that if someone does have the requisite knowledge and is still acting like a turnip you have full permission to bash them on the head