Well now... is that not a lovely treat.

Once about every 200 years we get the perfect February in terms of symmetry in our calendar!!

How lucky are we to be seeing one.

Obviously we're not so lucky to have the whole global worldwide pandemic rolling around the place.

But in terms of calendars??? We are the chosen ones :)

So here's the challenge for you. Can you match the perfectly symmetrical February with a perfect month for yourself?!?!

I'm going to challenge myself to not bring my phone into the bedroom for the entire month of Feb. Big moves. But what's life without a little challenge.

No more mindless scrolling in bed for yours truly.

4 weeks...

Confession Time

I have to admit I had a bit of a wobbly week last week. I needed to take time away from social media and the world online and just get out into the actual world for a bit.

Maybe it was cabin fever or maybe it was the whole effect of the short days and long nights of January but I was just a bit fed up of the whole thing.

So I wallowed for a week, watched all of Netflix, ate absolute crap, didn't practice and didn't do any of the things I should be doing in order to advance my life in anyway!

And that was last week :)

The good news is you can now feel free to give me the finger any time I write a sanctimonious motivational email with that faux "let's all get it and hustle" attitude that pervades the internet.

The bad news is I'm still going to write the sanctimonious motivational email.

Restart your engines

I used the excuse of the once every 200 years perfectly symmetrical February to restart and give me the kick up the ass I needed.

It's 1 o clock and already this morning I have read for an hour, worked out, meditated, did some work and sung for an hour.

Damn I feel smug right now

There's nothing like a bit of moderate productivity to give me a hugely overinflated sense of importance and achievement!

Am I the greatest human to ever walk the earth... possibly... possibly

Have I done more for the advancement of humankind this morning than has ever been done in the history of time??? Probably

Should I have a Nobel award of some kind... Yes

Join my cult

There's always a bit of every motivational email thats a bit culty isn't there? And it always starts like this:

"If you too want to feel this completely disproportionate sense of importance and achievement just follow these 3 easy steps"

  • Forgive yourself for previous wobbly weeks and allow yourself the freedom of a clean start

  • Give yourself a February challenge - it's so satisfying to complete with its symmetrical calendar shape and at 28 days it's very doable

  • Deposit £14,000,000 in my bank account for your exclusive cult group membership card.

Please only follow the first two points of the above. Hopefully we'll all emerge out of February better equipped for whatever March throws at us.

Robbie Keane's equaliser against the Germans lives forever


p.s. I'm reading "Nudge" by Richard Thaler at the minute

p.p.s. It's just about the right level of intellectual but consumable content to make me feel even more smug