Just a short one from me today.

This might be the perfect Monday in our part of the world!!

Hear me out...

The clocks have changed to summertime meaning we have light in the evenings!!

The sun is out and beginning to be actually warm and not just a vision in the sky!!

Lockdown restrictions are beginning to be lifted meaning organised sports are back!!

We made it through March and the summer is tantalisingly close!!

Vaccines are being rolled out faster than a toupee blowing off in a hurricane!!

Maybe... just maybe we might be moving back towards better times.

Actually b*ollox to that!! Scrap the above statement

Here's the monday motivation summed up...

Let's not stress too much about about the future and the potential upcoming good times and live in the present!!

I'm just going to enjoy this perfect Monday for what it is and savour the sun setting at 7.35 this evening.

Look at that, I don't have to have the thoughts of potential upcoming good times to satiate me when I enjoy the present ones!!

Isn't it wonderful how "little" it takes to feel good sometimes*

Have a great Monday


*really want to make a "that's the title of my sex tape" or "try telling that to my ex" penis based joke here. But the email is otherwise so wholesome that I won't. But you can make the joke yourself...