When it comes to humans, we see “the tip of the iceberg.” For everyone, it’s more to them than what meets the eye. 

Having said that, it is important  to know that when attempting to knowing someone more intimately, we must remember that there are layers to them. We only see what they allow us to see. Physical appearances are temporary & can be altered drastically & be highly noticeable to others; but the intangible layers underneath are harder to see & change.

In order to arrive at the center or the core of people, we have to first penetrate the layers that surround them. 

I know many individuals, and perhaps I am one myself, who doesn’t “let people in” so quickly. There are layers a person that one must unlock, & they must pierce the hard exterior or shield
before they will ever get inside to the innermost being. Not everyone is worthy of being that close or having access to that privileged information. 

People have several components to their being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. It is so much easier to penetrate a physical layer because that’s the first layer you can see; it’s tangible.

However, in order to connect or reach the mental layer, emotional layer, & spiritual layer of a being, you have to show & prove that you can be trusted.

More often than not, life’s experiences, pain, suffering, disappointments, & failures have caused individuals to shut down & push people away. Walls are built to see who cares enough to climb them. Maybe after a wall, there’s a locked door. Knock on it until they finally let you in. 

Unraveling layers takes time. Be patient and work one layer at a time.

What you find inside is well worth it.