Port Barton has been placed in a travel bubble. Its a nice way of saying we can't leave the town.

The repercussions of this means we can't help the dogs outside the check point and have had issues getting our staff permission to go to the sanctuary which is outside the perimeter.

It also means that we can't get the food supplies needed and we are down to maybe 4 days of food available for the 250+ dogs that rely on us in town.

We have made a plea and have one official who is trying to help us manoeuvre through the red tape.

It's challenging enough without these restrictions.

We have 4 dogs we are working on getting to the sanctuary... Right now impossible.

Our dog food company who we worked so hard on securing our regular food supply has been quarantined for 14 days and no air freight from manila means we are running dry. We may have found a temporary solution at a serious price hike but we will do what we can if we can get out of here.

Please keep our dogs in your thoughts and prayers as we fight to get this challenging week.

And please o please share the word on our Protector Memberships... These memberships will be a vital part of the survival of our program.

Thank you to all of you.

Rob, Jacq and the Street Dog Sanctuary family.