It's been a year since we officially opened the sanctuary and what a wild ride it has been.

We've encountered thousands of dogs and cats and been able to help alot of them. We fed over 130,000 meals on the streets, sterilized 100s of animals, given refuge and medical help to many. It really has been a successful start and then to have it stripped from us with the typhoon... wow what a mind trip!

It's in these challenging times you have to make strong decisions. Do you pack it all up or do you stay and fight. Well here we are...rebuilding and with no other vision than to recreate the sanctuary bigger and better. The rebuild started the day after the typhoon. The plan evolved to do more, be smarter and help more. How? By believing we can and knowing that this amazing community we are creating will continue to grow as we do and we trust if we do what is right then everything will fall into place.92 animals in our care, nearly 100 adoptions, 14 fulltime jobs and a whole lotta love get us to today.

Jacq and I want to share our complete gratitude to all of you who are here with us. Without you, we cannot do this so thank you. We will keep going...we will help more and more and more animals. We won't stop as long as you don't stop being with us. Together we are all making a massive difference so again... thank you.

We will celebrate on Monday as we are still working on our roofs this weekend.

It will be a time to reflect on what we have done and what we need to do.

Please take a look at the new extras here and let's move forward to saving more lives.

Much love from us all and the entire pack. 🐾🙏❤


Rob and Jacq.