The market moves are important for you to identify which side the larger players have their interest on.

We see this by identifying the energy of the moves the market shows us as it unfold in order for us to see whether the POI (Point Of Interest) will be respected or not.

Below is an example of two hypothetical moves which where approaching a POI and whats important to notice here is the disparity in energy and momentum of the moves as they approach the POI for a potential trade.

Chart Link:

As you can see on the left what is easily noticeable is that we had an aggressive down move but price had a difficulty trading higher as it was approaching the POI,signaling to you that the market is still heavy.

The contrary being the example on the right. What you can notice is the we traded lower aggressively and price started retracing,on it's retracements what we notice is that there is a bit of increase in the bullish momentum and price is not finding it difficult to go back up.

This increase in energy should signal to you that the POI you are looking to use might end up being ran through and not be respected.