Here is something which I know for most of you might pose a barrier for you before you can start seeing results. As a trader, you go through a lot of challenges while you are on your pursuit to succeed, and one thing that should never cross your mind is if you will ever make it or not.

As a developing and dedicated trader, you should always believe in yourself like you are already where you want to be in life and visualise that everyday.

And yes you will in some days not feel like it and that’s when you should battle with your mind and change your perspective then and there.

You can only achieve this mindset control if you have awareness about how you feel at every moment in time and every feeling that isn’t aligned with how you feel is what you should change that immediately and that will lead to a change of state of mind.

You have not, because you ask not. So if you want something, ask for it through prayer, believe in what you are praying for like you already have it and put the extra work in because whatever you are doing now will determine the outcomes of your life.

Be selfish with your time and put aside more time for yourself than you out for other people.

With Love,StreetTraderFX❤️

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