Well okay let’s start.

So recently I noticed something about myself which has been an ongoing thing for the past couple months of my trading and it’s something that has been slowly developing as I continued being active on my social media.

I may not know if I’m the only one experiencing this but I’m hoping that if I’m not the only one experiencing this at least someone out there who is also going through the same thing can decide on a better solution when they hear someone else say it.

Well for the past couple months Telegram has been flooded with messages and I truly understand that for most people who are active on their phones a lot it would not be that much of a big deal but some of these messages need a lot of energy and time to actually get to answer.

So my decision is to move to discord because I will not be in a few telegram chats will tons of messages but I will at least moderate my peace of mind.

It’s not the best decision for everyone but for me it is considering what I have planned for myself and where I want my mindset to be at because I am now fully aware that I have been operating under my normal capacity rate.

Currently for me to work at my normal rate has some health issues which I’m the past they were apparent but I’m ready to deal with any challenges that come my way.

We’re here in life for a good time and not a long time,so I’m not about to sit back and let myself stop myself from doing what I love and I hope you don’t either.

I might have made a few grammatical mistakes here and there but I’m only human so if you remember my mistake a lot more than the value I share then it tell me that you have high learning ability but you are focusing on the wrong things to retain.

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With love,from StreetTraderFx