It is important to know what to focus on in order to avoid hopping from one strategy to another to avoid gathering information which is not beneficial for your trading.
The reason I'm sharing this blog post with you guys is not to say that trading with Smart Money Concepts is the holy grail because the holy grail is finding what work for you and improving it in order for you to survive in the markets.

If you are using (Support & Resistance/Harmonic Patterns/Elliot Waves/Wolfe Waves/Wyckoff/SMC...etc)

If that is working for you then it's important for you to focus on the knowledge that is relevant to what you are using because what works for one person might not work for another.

As you all know that 60% my trades are based on Smart Money Concepts, I will share with you what to focus on or at least what I assume to be the foundation for your journey into Smart Money Concepts.

-Market Structure (HH,HL ;LH,LL)
-Order/Breaker/Mitigation Block
-Fakeout/QM pattern setup
-Equal Highs/Equal Lows (EQH/EQL's)

This is not everything but it should give you a contextual framework of how to study and also force you to avoid seeking knowledge which is not relevant with you current study concepts.

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