According to the NeuroLeadership Institute, there are four conditions that can help facilitate more insights

Having a quiet mind; being internally focused; thinking slightly positive; not thinking about the problem directly

Some of the things you can do to create these conditions:

Having a quiet mind

  • Do less of:  Asking multiple questions at a time; Zero in on details.

  • Do more of:  Asking one question at a time; Lift up the level of vision and planning.

Being internally focused

  • Do less of:  Telling others your ideas; Pressuring for results.

  • Do more of:  Asking for the ideas of others first; Allow space for reflection.

Thinking slightly positive

  • Do less of:  Asking Why questions; Criticizing or dismissing.

  • Do more of:  Asking how questions;  Being non-judgmental and more encouraging.

Not thinking about the problem directly

  • Do less of:  Focusing hard on the problem;  Asking about what has been done so far.

  • Do more of:  Focusing lightly on possible solutions; Considering options for moving forward.