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I'm an artist, animator, author and a nerdy couch potato from the central hills of Sri Lanka. I worked in animation/advertising for some years, but drifted away from corporate life to pursue my own creative journey.

I write YA speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy & horror), and my stories come with whimsical heroines, big worlds, Asian-ness, kawaii fluff, real science, veganism and anime/gaming/fairytale elements.

Komoreby is my debut novel, shortlisted for the Watty Awards 2022. It's a quirky high school story fused with sci-fi, romance and mystery. It's free to read on Wattpad (with audio), where it has been featured on 19 official profiles.

I'm a Wattpad Creator, and I produce my own art. More of my stories can be found there—including Black Avatare, a dark fantasy ghost story that is updated every month!

I also have a chibi, goth art brand, Darkenlolly, with funky merch stores on Redbubble and Society6.

Turning the cogs of imagination and rendering it to art, animation and writing is an insanely time-consuming task! So if you love my work, do buy me a coffee!

Su Vida

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