During a recent trip to the New River Gorge National Park I took this pic.

However the above photo is actually a combination of two scans of the same negative. Either through lack of skill or a brainfart I couldn't get the detail I wanted in the shadows and keep the detail in the highlights and vice versa while I scanning the negative. So I decided to make two files, one focusing on the shadow details and another focusing on the highlight details.

I used the two files to make a layered file in Affinity Photo and simply masked areas here and there and made the photo and the top of this post.

Then, out of curiosity I put both of those files in the HDR merge function of my software and out came this photo.

I like it. It's gimmicky but I like it. And I fully realize that I'm a guy that uses a toy camera to shoot film using the term "gimmicky." Which do you prefer?