I want send to out an update to you my supporters today. I've been up to a few things and I feel like sharing.

First of all thanks to your support I was able to purchase a new 35mm film scanning mask. It's the same make as the 120 film mask your support also helped me purchase, a Lomography Digitaliza. It really speeds the process of scanning up and makes it so easy to hold "curly" film flat. Thanks again! Here's the first thing I scanned with it... a negative from my parent's wedding in 1974

Pretty cool, eh?

This past weekend I had in "impromptu" cosplay type photo shoot. It wasn't really impromptu because we had a couple ideas we had bantered about but because of my friend's schedule we could never get the thing done. The stars finally aligned, got a phone call about her availability, received permission for a location, and few hours later we had a shoot in the can.

I asked her to dress as modern Rosie the Riveter who was on break during a shift. I think Allison killed the look.

I'll post more to a Supporters only gallery in a couple days.

I want to thank all of you that have supported my print sale. I've shipped a few prints already but the majority will go out at the beginning of next week. And with that I'll let you go. Thanks again!