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Unleashing the creative in me... Let's see how this goes.

Hi, everyone. My name is CZY. I'm a livestreamer on Bigo Live. You guys can catch me there. I usually sing and chat with my viewers.

I also like expressing myself through writing and drawing. I wish I can show you more of my creative side here and post pictures of my arts as well.

I also like editing pictures and videos. Sadly, my laptop is too old to keep up with me anymore. I'm trying to save up for it and hopefully, produce more creative stuff soon! Hope you can support me on this journey.

Oh, and by the way, since I mentioned I love expressing myself through writing, I also enjoy giving life advices to random people. Wonder how I can do that here lol we'll see about that.

#singing #writing #drawing #livestreaming #photography #travel #lifeadvice #anything-under-the-sun 🌞

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Instagram: GirlOnFireCzy
Bigo ID: SuperCzyan