Inuyasha... The very first anime character that I fell in love with. Lol like literally...

It's a crazy idea for some but falling in love with fictional characters is not unheard of, especially at an age where I'm so immensed with Anime. I watch a lot of shows but this is really my Top 1 favorite. Literally nothing compares for the love I have for this Anime.

But now that I'm 25, I haven't really drawn anything that much... But one day, I decided to draw him again. I didn't really think it will turn out well but it did. At least better than I expected it to be.

So yeah... Just sharing this with you all. Hopefully, I can draw more stuff soon.

It's been a while since I last posted here. The last time was writing my own feelings and if in case you're wondering where it is, I didn't delete it. I just placed it on "Members only" content. It was a strange way of introducing myself but I am just as human as everyone else so I have moments like that. You will soon see more of my rants about life here. But I will place that on "Members only", just so you will have the privilege of knowing a deeper side of me as you subscribe here. After all, I do believe in the saying that leave a little mystery for everyone so those who know you more will be honored and will appreciate more your vulnerable side.

Thanks for those who are checking my page out. I don't know if there are but I want to believe that there's someone interested in knowing these things about me. In that way, I can post more and share my creative side here.

So that's it for today's post. Thanks for reading and have a good day! 🥰