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Are you taking advantage of THESE BMC benefits?

Mar 24, 2023

The Buy Me A Coffee program offers a lot of benefits to you, the reptile keeper. I've always insisted we provide MORE than your contributions to make this an easy decision for you to join and, stay in the program. I thank you all. But, please make sure you know about, and USE these benefits!

  1. Special Sales

  2. Membership GiveAways

  3. Membership Discounts (Advanced and Elite members)

  4. Free Consultation sessions!

  5. Helpful tips in keeping reptiles and in life

  6. Reptile Business focused videos and posts.

  7. Special member only interviews with breeders (coming up soon!)

  8. First look at new geckos in the facility

  9. A great place to ask non-judgmental questions.

If you have ANY questions (or suggestions) about the above, please let me know.

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