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I am a web designer who became an analyst and am back as to web enabled services and also a Reiki, Pranik and Energy Auric healer. I do a lot of free services and/or I am underpaid for the services rendered. So do kindly contribute to enhance the good causes that enables me to work for the less fortunate/unwilling, ngo's conducting meaningful services and providing physical and/or emotional relief healing services.

👋 My bio page is here and the links below and you see the works ongoing and completed.  Drop in some of your excessive low interest earning high margin digital currencies and you can buy me sparkles of energy that I can share with those who need it and which magically turns into financial security for yours truly and multitudes of them out there and also I make a mean nerve jittering dark brown cuppa without sugar from 80/20 or 100% coffee.

Yours Sincerely,

Suraj Vm