Have you lots of ideas in your head that you'd love in life or love to achieve?

What do you really really want?

Keeping everything in your head can be a bit overwhelming and can block us from getting started on anything.

My tip is : Write it down.

In your journal, make 4 columns.

Column 1 Heading : Current reality

Column 2 Heading : Ideal Outcome

Column 3 Heading : Obstacles to achieving Ideal Outcome

Column 4 : Heading : Actions

I think Columns 1 to 3 are self explanatory.

A note on column 3 is to think about the physical things that are obstacles like money, time etc.

However I also want you to think about your beliefs and challenge them.

Column 4 is where the magic happens.

What actions can you take to start the ball rolling?

What is the very first thing you could do?

Once you start taking actions, momentum kicks in, and you can make progress more easily than you realise.

Good luck and take those actions!