President Donald J. Trump worked for free... with 3 to 4 hours sleep a night on average.
He worked 24/7 with a passion for 'We The People', like NO other President has in a very long time.

He was and still is, hated by the DC Establishment and Swamp. He exposes their weaknesses, their multi-term failures, and the massive corruption they've profited off of for so long.

They never envisaged an outcome where 'she' would lose.
But she did. She lost in the most humiliating way possible. Their plans, swept away in a huge Red Tsunami wave.

Then they came for him. And they came for us. You, me.. The Deplorables.

And they will keep coming. Yes, they will.

But it was never going to be, 'just another 4 year election.' And THIS, will not be just 'another 4 year election.'

The World sees it. Eyes have been opened. Questions that would not normally be asked, are being asked all across the world right now.

And most importantly, all the questions that you, reading this right now, may have.

Do you remember why you voted and chose who you chose, 5 years ago?
Apart from what we know already regarding the election, has anything changed?

Has President Trump ever broken a promise?

No. He has not.

So, back to how we started this post. Do you think that he has for ONE second, stopped working for 'We The People' since January, 2021?

Do you think that he has stopped losing sleep over the things that matter?

You already know the answer to these questions.

A promise made, is a promise kept. It was never just a campaign slogan, or a line pumped full of 'hopium'.

When President Trump says, "The Best is Yet to come", or "Our Best Days are Yet to come", they are PROMISES!

Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do NOT see. There is much we do not see.

So have Faith.


From their Telegram post ~