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Suzy QT Pie has been an artist and intuitive being from the start.  She was born in West Texas in the mid seventies.  Raised by her immigrants parents and being born a Mexican American girl as well as being extra sensory and highly intuitive, made for a very difficult up bringing.  She never felt like she quite fit in.  At home she spoke Spanish, lived surrounded by family and her Mexican culture and at school or in social situations she felt like a complete outsider always trying to understand the world around her.  As she grew older, and never quite fitting in, she decided to just embrace her uniqueness and just stand out.  She taught herself to read English at the age of 8. Her focus then and now has always been on her creative endeavors outwordly as well as reflecting deep within.  Through her spiritual journey for self discovery and her place in this world, her battle with childhood trauma, self destruction patterns and recovery of self-love, she fell inlove with New Zealand.  Following her heart landed her home in the South Island of New Zealand and the magic of 'Nuevo Zelanda' has brought her the greatest joys in her life; her beautiful son and a place to call home where she can create with love.

  "Through the ups and downs of life, I've learned so much.  I'm ready to share with others who are interested, through my art, my experiences... my passions." -  Suzy

Through her longing for home and finding her space, she's warmly opening her doors and inviting us in to her inner world.   Eclectic, mystical and metaphysical, her art defeats bounds. Her passions are eclectic; from eccentric furniture pieces, custom tattoos or getting your own personal Tarot card reading; her intuitive talents and her artistic instinct transcend reason and logic, yet make complete sense. To walk into her home is to transport into a place of curiosity and wonder.  So open your heart and unleash your mind and welcome into her world of ahhh...

Enjoy a nice quiet moment out on the countryside while you sip a cuppa, get your Tarot cards read and chat with this beautiful old soul on a lazy afternoon.  You will leave her without regret and the desire to return again some time again, for every bit of your time with her and her art is filled with love.

🕯️💖 This little light of mine.

✨💫💖 visit @TXQTPieNZ