Buy SyntaxesVA a ramen


Hello There!

I'm SyntaxesVA and I mostly do ASMR Roleplays and Multi-lingual Voice Acting.

I've been doing Voice Act & Roleplaying for a long time, and I'm as happy as you when making it, an audio that makes you feel relaxed, happy, and loved!

I'm so excited that you visited my BMC Page, here you can donate to me, or you can commish to me a personal audio, either you can send me a script that you want me to fill, or request something you'd like to hear.

The min. price for personal audio is 5$, and you'll get a 5-8 Minutes personal audio, you can add more and get more if you want to :D

Regulations for personal audios are simple:
No NSFW, Spicy is okay, SFW are the best!

Looking forward to work with y'all, thank you :3