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Dronefly makes it easy to use iNaturalist in Discord chat servers. My goal in creating this bot is to enrich hobbyist & serious professional use of the iNaturalist site in online chat. Naturalists can share observations with images & sounds, deepen their knowledge of taxonomic relationships, virtually explore what others have found in places & projects of interest, and more.

Dronefly is open source software based on Red Discord Bot, developed starting in August 2019 by & for users of the iNaturalist Discord server, and with help from the Red developer community. You are welcome to join our server to try it out. Check out this Dronefly tutorial to get a taste of what the bot can do so far.

I am a professional software developer with 35 years experience, a Debian free software developer since 1997, and an iNaturalist member since the summer of 2017. I'm passionately interested photographing & learning about the natural world, not only for my own personal enjoyment, but to work with the iNaturalist community worldwide to help research & conserve it for future generations.

I also have a blog which I occasionally post to.