Richard Szpin, is a senior who has been publishing a website, BOOKz, COOKz, NOOKz ( ) dedicated to better ageing and to writers.

As I aged, I kept discovering new things about myself, some I acceptable, others not so much. Ageing brought along memory depreciation, muscle weakening, energy loss and attention issues. I learned to cope, workaround, and even resolve some of the shortcomings and continue to try to improve the depreciation due to age. I research regularly and publish what I learn for the benefit of others who want to deal with ageing better.

Retirement brought along more freedom and more flexibility of time. I motorcycled in my earlier years but eventually, the risk exceeded my tolerance level. I gave up a wonderful hobby, be it as dangerous as it seems.

I turned to my other passion: reading and writing. The writing grew until eventually, I launched an association of published writers, WRITERS ADVISORY GROUP (WAG) with whom I am still strongly associated.

I am a lifelong learner. It bothers me that many older adults are not. Learning enriches life. Learning improves living, endlessly. Learning enriches life. I believe learning will improve anyone's life in incalculable ways. The Internet and technology open the portals to more learning. Using them will enrich your life. Use whatever ways, paths you have to learn more and you will be surprised at how your life improves.

Older people should explore more, try new things, try things about which they are curious. Create your bucket list and then 'go for it.'

We will all pass on but until we do, learn, explore and live, live life as fully as you can. My site is dedicated to helping you in that regard. Researched information, news relating to older adults and support and helpful advice is published regularly. So visit the site and see what is going on. 

Ageing is a challenge but it is one not given to everyone. You were given this wonderful opportunity, to age. Make the most of it.

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