#TARDIS inspired beer tap handle for kegerators, restaurants, and bars, soda makers, homebrewers, events, weddings, and much more! Embrace your inner Whovian and have some fun with this custom tap handle. Draw... Drink… Regenerate… Re-do… ... more

Nov 21

The box, itself, is built from East Indian Rosewood, a beautiful species with violet purple hues and dark streaks. These particular boards were harvested 70+ years ago.  I added touches of newer, sustainable Brazilian Rosewood, Ecuadorian Purpleheart, and American Black Walnut. The windows are Birch Burl with Rosewood inlay and the "Pull to Open" sign is Burl with a Rosewood frame.  Door handles are hand-carved from American Ash.  Inside the door, I designed a removable Birch Burl and... more

May 15

So, I build and install this inside window-shelf in the office for Tyler & Tilly to sit and watch the birds at the feeder outside. They like the shelf. They stare at me pretty much all the time now. Don't. Blink.

Apr 06

A very pleasant day here today. Thanks for the visit.

Apr 05

What's next.

Apr 05

Some of my favorite things to build are the #TARDIS inspired ring boxes I sometimes get photos of a proposal or gift presentation and I love that. Pictured ring boxes are inspired by the 10th Doctor's call box.  I will build any style you like As you wish. http://www.TARDIScabinets.com 

Apr 05