I always thought rallying was out of the normal club competitors reach, however, when my fellow Isle of Wight Car Club members decided to go rallying and invited me to come as service crew my eyes were opened.

You don't have to own a rally car or even be a rally driver to enjoy this sport.

It takes team work to make the dream work

Most teams invite / drag their friends and family to these events and without these people giving up their free time to set up and tear down the service area, spanner on broken cars and make cups of team the experience would be a lot harder.

Buy a Beer for the Pit / Service crew.

in return its nice to return their kindness with a meal or two, accommodation if we have to travel overnight and share in a beer when its all over.

if you would like to support the team to keep the dream alive a Buy me a beer donation will go to our lovely support team and we will give you a shout out at in our next event video.

you are all amazing thank you