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Hello and welcome to our new Buy Me A Coffee site. 

With over 35 years experience in the history sector combined, The Time Travelling Cook was started nearly 3 years ago by us, Pep and Denise, with the aim to bring to life the history of the everyday people from Scotlands past, from the Picts to WWII.

Since starting we have added a newsletter and blog and have dipped our toes into podcasting, although we have actually only managed to make one podcast so far!

However we want to provide more, with a larger newsletter, more blogs and podcasts and a bigger website with articles and recipes.
This all costs money of course and Buy Me A Coffee is part of  our plan to move forward and upwards!

You will see our link to the Buy Me A Coffee  on our blog page and for now it will be asking for support/donations if you can, but not a subscription at this time. The blog will remain free, but we do ask that if you like our blog,   donate if you can.

Our newsletter will move to a Pay-Per-Newsletter format over the next few months and our previous newsletters will be available to buy on an individual basis.
Free recipes and paid for recipes, will also be available soon and our Kids Free worksheets will move to this site too.

If you enjoy our  newsletter, blogs and other content please do consider donating.

The link for the current website and blog is below, so please do check it out