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TaTschu, Mom of 2 awesome Kids ( 18 and 10 ), married with the best Guy on the world! Play Sims since Sims 1, but start create/recolor with Sims4.

A lot of you know my personal Story: about my Illness, Hubbys Illness and the Asperger of our little 10 years old Princess. We are still waiting for our Disability Payments, what takes so long. We are very short of money, sometimes at end of month is nothing left. Our Daughter need some Therapies which are very expensive. Our HealthCare dont pay for all. The Swim-Therapy helps her so much, but we have to pay it by ourself. She also need medicine to come down at night, so she can sleep. Without these medicine, its hard for her to fall asleep. And the pills cost 60 CHF (the same in USDollar) every month. I hate to do this here, but I often have no clue how to manage this all. So every help, every cent would help my Family. Thank you all so much! Love you all <3>