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TablePress is a free and open source plugin for the WordPress publishing platform. It enables you to create and manage tables on your website, without any coding knowledge. A comfortable interface allows you to easily edit table data. Your tables can contain any type of data, like numbers, text, images, links, and even math formulas! In addition, features like live sorting, pagination, searching, and more can be enabled for your site’s visitors.
Udon bought 3 sandwichs.

Very useful and easy to use!

Thanks a lot, that's highly appreciated! All the best!

Michelle bought a sandwich.

Great plug in, I'm getting the premium extension for responsive tables.

Thank you, Michelle! That's really very nice! :-)

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

Mikael Leinsköld
Mikael Leinsköld bought 3 sandwichs.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you, Mikael! That's really very nice of you :-)

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Vielen Dank für das Plugin TablePress. Es ist mir eine große Hilfe.

Dankeschön für die Unterstützung, ich freue mich wirklich sehr darüber! :-)