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I'm a Guru, Master Mind Controller (MC) and M/s Hypnotic Lifestyle Trainer

I've studied hypnosis and been part of the Kink Community for over two decades. I'm seeking people who wish to create a better way of life, with a focus on power exchange concepts, and experiential self-discovery. My art is based out of my experience in the ownership and possession culture and my passion for erotic hypnosis as a lifestyle trainer. From the moment we are born we are influenced, persuaded, manipulated, controlled, and corrected. Training begins by accepting that and deciding where we go from here. Awakening starts when we realize unbecoming all that isn’t us is just as valid and necessary as empowering the best of who we are today. I seek people that want to perfect who they are and what they do. I am discreet with my clients and discreet. Hey, 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!