By Toby Brendel

I finished the Mayweather vs Paul fight and despite it ending in general, the exhibition side of it failed greatly.

When I say that, I felt that Mayweather never put his heart into it because he had nothing to lose while Paul just had to survive.

Truly the only issue I had with the fight was it was not a actual fight meaning no one was truly going to get knocked out.

For once I was cheering for Mayweather which was super weird too.

I used to follow Jake Paul and I now can't stand him. His attitude towards this boxing thing had gotten out of hand than his childish antics are horrible.

Could this be a addition and bring new fighters into the ring? If done right than yes but currently, no. The Paul brother's are doing a huge favor for the sport while cashing in on it. Believe me, I will follow these to fight cause I want to see them lose.