San Angelo, Texas is where my son was killed and at the same I am accusing Judge Gossett of accepting bribes, 2013, the FBI began an investigation into San Angelo's Chief of Police for Bribery.

It took seven years for the FBI investigation to be completed but in January 2020, San Angelo's Chief of Police was indicted for Bribery.

Is it a coincidence or were the Judge and the Chief of Police connected in corruption?

Tom Green County Courthouse in San Angelo, Texas

In 2019, I saw a story in the news that Rudy Delgado, a district judge in Houston Texas, had been indicted for Bribery. I looked to see who the prosecutor was and that's when I realized who I needed to send my evidence of Judge Gossett's corruption to: the U.S. attorney Northern District of Texas, The Honorable Erin Nealy Cox.

Rudy Delgado was sentenced to five years in Federal Prison.