Everyone thinks they know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Her story has literally been told and retold from dozens of different perspectives, and people are often in the moiety of Grandmother being a victim in the story, but few know the real story of why the wolf was so angry with Red’s family and how the Three Little Pigs started the whole problem.

Baby Wolf was out picking daisies one day in the back field of her parent’s farm where they were building a house for her grandmother when she saw three pigs stealing sticks, straw, and bricks from the site.

“Whatcha doin’?” she asked.

“Scram,” a pig wearing a suit said.

“Get outta here, pipsqueak,” said another pig.

“This is my Grandma’s place,” Baby Wolf told them, but the pigs just laughed at her.

The third little pig jumped out from behind the stack of bricks and scared Baby Wolf so bad she dropped her daisies, screamed, and ran home crying. The pigs’ laughter could be heard for miles. When Baby Wolf got home and told her mother, she was obviously concerned, but Mr. Wolf was away at work and would not be home till the end of the week, so she grounded all her children to keep them safe from the three little pigs.

When Mr. Wolf returned late Friday night, Mrs. Wolf told him everything that had happened. He was not happy, to say the least. He stormed out of the house and headed through the woods but calmed down by the time he reached their back field and saw the three little houses that were built by the road that led to the Red farm. He knocked on the first little house to talk with them like reasonable adults, but the little pig just laughed. So did the second little wolf. The third little wolf said Grandma Red owned the land and said they could live there.

Now, the Wolf family and the Red family have feuded over these woods for generations, but Mr. Wolf thought that had been settled when he cut the trail for Grandmother’s family to come visit her. Mr. Wolf stormed over to Grandma Red’s house and demanded to know if she gave the three little pigs permission to squat on his land. She stood in her doorway and laughed at him.

The three little pigs scared his daughter, squatted on his land, and now this old lady was laughing at him…that was the last straw. He swallowed Grandma Red in a single gulp, and believe me, that was no easy feat. He heard Little Red singing as she came to visit her grandmother, so he pretended to be her but was caught. Little Red fetched the woodsman who rescued Grandma Red by hitting Mr. Wolf on the head, making him regurgitate her.

When Mr. Wolf came to, he was alone at Grandma Red’s house and began staggering home. He had to pass the three little pigs, and they were singing and having a party which infuriated him. He was able to destroy two of the homes but would need to come back in the morning for the third house because, with everything that happened that night, he was out of breath.

“Good heavens!” Mrs. Wolf exclaimed, seeing the state of her husband when he returned home. "What happened, dear?”

“You don’t want to know,” he said, sinking into his recliner.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Baby Wolf said, jumping into his lap waving a piece of paper. “For you,” she said, shoving the paper in his face.

Mr. Wolf laughed as he took the paper. “Ahh, thanks, sweetie.”

He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the icebox, where he taped up her “Best Daddy in the World” drawing.