I've been wandering the interwebs looking for a home for Terra/Sol Games. Somewhere that I could provide creative content. Make it easily available and get paid for it. I think I may have found it.

Terra/Sol is a little unique in that our product is a setting. That product is The Twilight Sector. In the same way that Middle Earth or Known Space were the glue for a set of stories, The Twilight Sector is our glue.

Unlike Middle Earth or Known Space though we will tell our stories in a few more ways. The setting was initially created to play Tabletop Role Playing Games in. We will use this platform at buymeacoffee to expand how we tell the stories of The Twilight Sector. We will create comics, books, short stories, visual novels and of course Tabletop Role Playing Game supplements.

The platform here at buymeacoffee seems to fit the vision I have for Terra/Sol Games going forward. When you are developing RPG supplements, comics, books, etc., you end up with a whole bunch of pieces. This platform is the perfect way to share those with people along with all the big stuff (the finished books, comics, supplements, etc.) we create.

Going forward we will share a good number of these on the public side of our page. Even more will be available for Supporters and the bigger stuff will be available for Members. We hope that you will consider joining us for this ride. As a Member, Supporter or to just check in from time to time.

Comments, questions or ideas are always welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.