With Thanksgiving coming up, The Alconauts have added some tasty and aromatic beer recipes that would satisfy any food snob. The great flavors that we enjoy in our favorite beers can also be used to make side dishes and turkeys that much more delectable. Try some of these out for your selves or watch to see the yummy goodness that awaits. And for our beer review, we check out Muskoka Brewing Co.'s Harvest Ale. A seasonal strong beer, that sources its ingredients locally. Turkey Brine Link: IPA and Basil Mashed Potatoes: Roasted Butternut Squash and Brussel Sprouts: BUY THE ALCONAUTS A BEER: Help support us by buying us a beer for $4 so we can bring you bigger and better content; and obviously more beer. Visit Our Merch Store Via LinkTree: Host/Editors: Paul P. and Ray A. Alconautic Intern: Jackie S. Art and Design: Sophie (Soap) A.