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Hey, all you beautiful coffee lovers. Nice to meet you. I'm Sean aka The Drumming Barista. 

The Drumming Barista was created by Sean an ex-professional barista passionate about pushing all the jargon aside, knocking down the walls of speciality coffee and helping You brew better coffee at home through entertaining and informative Instagram, TikTok and YouTube content.

The Drumming Barista global community is growing. Although coffee is and will always be the main focus of the channel, I do also showcase the many delicious cocktails I create at home. In April this year, we welcomed the Home Barista Podcast as the latest and greatest platform for this community to connect on a deeper level with long-form verbal content around all things coffee and I mean all things coffee.

If you like what I create and share or have learnt a thing or two from the content across all my online platforms, please consider supporting my work.

This isn't a paywall. It's a way for you to say "thanks" and "keep up the good work"

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These are just suggestions! The Drumming Barista content will always be *free* to watch and consume. I will continue to respond to DMs/Comments/Inquiries, whether or not you buy me a coffee or not. This is just for you to help support me on this journey and any new avenues that we find ourselves venturing down.

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