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After all these years, you're still the one, Mojave Desert. 

Our gratitude to those kind spirits who keep us motivated to share our explorations into the past and present; you are truly the dust devils beneath our wings.

We wish you red Mojave sunsets, cool morning breezes, and the smell of the desert after it rains.  There's no place we'd rather be. Thanks for your support!

Seek the Heat,

Jaylyn and John

Jonni Vindiola
Jonni Vindiola bought 5 cold beers.

I sooo enjoy your posts!  They’re what I look forward to the most on FB.

Thank you so much, Jonni!! You made our day. We will definitely have to get together in Big Bear after the pandemic when museums reopen! xoxo

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You guys are Awesome!

Thanks so much!

Jonni Vindiola
Jonni Vindiola bought a cold beer.

I enjoy your postings so much!

Thank you, Jonni!