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"The Pack Terra's Dog Sanctuary, it is a place in Romania where 50 dogs rescued from the street and two brave cats, live in symbiosis and harmony, cared for by a young family very strongly connected with all members of the Pack. The Sanctuary was founded 6 yrs ago, when the young couple moved away from the noise of the city to find their inner peace in the countryside. Then, they saved for the first time a dog from the handbag of a woman who was taking him to drown him. Dixy. The First one! From him, Marius and Alexandra learned the joy of being needed by animals and even something from the language of dogs. Then came other rescued dogs, who were not wanted by anyone or being in dramatic situations, and -they found family, shelter, love, respect, understanding, medical care and premium daily food at The Pack Sanctuary. This project is powered by the Earthlings and only with help from our friends ,we can carry on our mission. We created here a small community but with good quality people who are helping us taking care for this wonderful rescued souls that are under The Pack protection. We call ourselves "Packers" because we togheter form a pack without borders . Many of us are Packers since years and they for sure know that we do this as a worldwide family that reunite efforts to keep this project alive. We need constant help and this is why we invite you too to be part of The Pack and who knows, maybe you can become from Friend, Guardian or even Protector of The Pack. Feel free to browse our videos to understand better how we aproach animal wellfare in this small but authentic Project, that puts in the center the Dogs, over all other human reasons to be involved in this. Tribute to our dear Terra , an incredible Dogo Argentino who was and still is the Mother Of The Pack: → The Pack la Rau / The Pack at The River: → Mantra: Calatorind cu cainii in Padure/ Mantra : Tripping with dogs in the Forest : Link,catelusul salvat/Rescued Puppy called Link ( Dramatic) → Clipuri in care desfacem cadouri de la prieteni/ Videos with Unpacking Gifts from Our Friends: → Politia Animalelor,verifica starea cainilor la THe Pack/ Police Raid on The Pack, to check the Dogs: → O zi cu The Pack: Piscine pentru cainii din Sanctuar/ A day with The Pack: Water Pools for Dogs in the Sanctuary: → Faceti cunostinta cu unul din Seniorii The Pack/ Bro is one of the Seniors of The Pack. Meet him here: → Arhiva completa cu clipurile The Pack incepand cu 2016 All video Archive of The Pack Terra's Dog Sanctuary since 2016 until present: Arhiva de clipuri a Paginii Facebook Facebook Page Archive Library: → Studioul de Creeatie Youtube YouTube Studio with all The Pack Videos: →

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