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I am a YouTuber who creates video about fixing/building/modding PC's and consoles and I'm a right to repair advocate. I created my YouTube channel to help people. I am a one man show and everything I do currently comes out of my own pocket. I don't really have perks for donating as I don't like to put my help behind a pay wall, but if you'e watched my videos and would like to help me continue to make them, feel free to toss a little help my way so I can keep making the content you want to see.
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hey its J.Swilling from youtibe i have recently started to stalk and harass your channel for information, you're amazing! hope you enjoy the pizza my dude🤑

Bryan S Linsley
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Wow! You know your stuff. This will be my first used PC build, but not my last. I usually custom build from new parts.

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Thanks for the help!