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Hello there! Welcome weary internet traveller to a place of wonder, to a place full of everything Geek, whether its bigger on the inside, from a galaxy far far away, we aim to talk about everything from the final frontier to infinity and beyond!! so whatever flavour of Geek you are, we hope you find something of interest here.
on the Blog, I will be looking to talk about all manner of fandoms, but you’ll notice my Big 3 are Star Wars, Doctor Who and Star Trek, closely followed by Marvel, Nintendo and Playstation. That doesn’t mean there won’t be other content, I fully intend to explore the universe of Geek to bring you a celebration of everything that makes being a geek just that little bit cooler.
well quite simply, the name comes from the fact I am both a father and a massive Geek. I want to include my “Dad-ventures” here as well from time to time, and show off anything particularly geeky that me and my two girls, get up to.
strap in, and enjoy the ride.