Hi. I'm Caroline. I'm creator and admin of The Kitchen Table, a Facebook group started in The Quarantine Times of March 2020.

As a 20+ year Unitarian Universalist Pagan, my perspective is that many core concepts of Faith are deeply similar. We just wrapped them in different packaging. We're all on a journey, a pilgrimage if you will, to find connection and meaning in our lives. A decade plus of serving the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council imbued me with a deep appreciation for the great tapestry of faith and humanism and the working-it-out-ish-ness of integral conversations. These conversations are what The Kitchen Table is about. We look for and share words and questions and contemplations which create bonds, uplift, educate, and generate hope.

I'm a decidedly interfaith friendly person (which includes folx who identify as Christian, agnostic, atheist, humanist and more...)

Everybody does better when every body does better.

Getting messy together in conversations about what drives us, what we're afraid of, and what gives us hope is the goal of gathering around our giant virtual Kitchen Table. Here there be poetry and prayer, quotes and quips....but no proselytization.

Your support means the world to me and ultimately helps us add one more chair to the table, making room for everyone who needs this nourishment.

Take a peek. I hope you'll be inspired. I hope you'll share your voice. Your voice matters. There is room for you at The Kitchen Table just as you are.

Blessed Be,



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