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The Parish News is a weekly experimental radio show. Hosted by Andrew Backhouse, the show plays avant-garde and unusual music, field recordings and Noise.

Welcome to The Parish News' page. If you like my radio show, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support! My radio show can be listened to at

The Parish News is broadcast on Resonance Extra, Soundart Radio, Harrogate Community Radio and K-BOG, in the USA.

Fabio Malizia
Fabio Malizia bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for your work Anderw, I love it!❤️

Thank you Fabio! This is very welcome; I am glad you enjoy the show....

@brass_and bought 3 coffees.

thank you, inspiring choices

Thank you very much - this money will go towards getting some more music for the show; can't wait to share it with you!

Jannis Genco
Jannis Genco bought a coffee.

Enjoy this well deserved coffee, it's the least I can do to thank you for all your great soundscapes and musical selections @ The Parish News.

Thanks, Jannis - I am unsure if you have seen the page but it will let you subscribe to the show as a podcast on your device.

Callimachus bought a coffee.

Listening on Resonance Extra DAB in London. Exquisite sounds.

Thank you very much - there are plenty more in the back-catalogue at so you may find a good show there?

David Black
David Black bought a coffee.