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The Parish News is a weekly experimental radio show. Hosted by Andy Backhouse, the show plays avant-garde and unusual music, field recordings and Noise.

Welcome to The Parish News' page. If you like my radio show, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support! My radio show can be listened to at

The Parish News is broadcast on Resonance Extra, Soundart Radio, Harrogate Community Radio and K-BOG, in the USA.

@loosebitsIfound bought 3 coffees.

Cheers, good sir. Thank you for continuing to provide inspiration and education during these rather difficult times...

Thanks for the Java! It is all appreciated.

@nothingistrue bought a coffee.

Total bonkers sounds and music, like I  like — thanks for the great show 🙌

Thanks for the coffee!

Anne La Berge bought a coffee.

I don't drink coffee but I love the smell of it and how it makes my friends happy.

Thank you for the 'Coffee,' Anne. I admit I am going through a lot of Yorkshire Tea at the moment. It is made in my hometown of Harrogate... there are a lot tea shops with windows full of cakes 😊  But, ultimately, this will be spent on music for the show - so, thanks!

Carl bought 2 coffees.

Love your show \,,/

Thank you very much, Carl. Someone gave me a re-usable, bamboo coffee cup for Christmas; I do not have an excuse now ;)

boris hauf shamelessrecords bought a coffee.

hey Andy, thanks for the continued support. enjoy the java. cheers, Boris

Thanks, Boris!