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The Parish News

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The Parish News

The Parish News

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The Parish News is a weekly experimental radio show. Hosted by Andy Backhouse, the show plays avant-garde and unusual music, field recordings and Noise.

Welcome to The Parish News' page. If you like my radio show, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support! My radio show can be listened to at

The Parish News is broadcast on Resonance Extra, Soundart Radio, Harrogate Community Radio and K-BOG, in the USA.

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The latest episode of The Parish News is here - I am just getting ready to head to Creao Studio to record #165. Thanks for listening.
boris hauf shamelessrecords bought The Parish News a coffee.

hey Andy, thanks for the continued support. enjoy the java. cheers, Boris

Thanks, Boris!

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Thanks mate! is the link to the latest show, it is quite a good one. There is a full playlist on the page in the link. Nearly up to Episode 150! Should I celebrate this or should I mourn it. Speak soon, Andy

Happy New Year, everyone - here is hoping that 2019 is a good year for everyone. I have recorded Episode #123. You can listen to the show at Thanks for listening x

You can check out the One-Hundred and Twentieth Edition of The Parish News here - - I admit I completely fluff the first couple of links but the show picks up from there.
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Keep up the interesting work! Love the show.

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Hey Andy thanks for playing tracks from our CD so many times on your show ....where are you based UK , US or Australia  its hard to tell...

Hi Andrew - thanks for the coffee! I currently live in a small town in North Yorkshire, UK. My accent is all over the place - being born down south and having lived in Scotland too - it's a funny one but I hope you can make out what I am saying. I really dig your release. If you have any other material you want me to consider for broadcast, please send it over to [email protected] - I will give it a listen.

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Here, have a coffee! Thanks for the email - I'll respond today or tomorrow when I get a moment.