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Hello and welcome to our page.

We are Ruth, Ewan and Marnie, the team behind The Resonance* App.
We started Resonance* in early 2022 as a way to connect like-minded people and the resources required to enable abundant living outside the mainstream system.

Life changed very swiftly for many people when covid arrived, and highlighted a need to connect like-minded people with each other. The Resonance* App is one of the ways to build the inspiration, connectivity and the new networks we'll need to thrive.

We are all working voluntarily on Resonance* and our only income is via Koha (Maori word for donation). There are 3 ways to support Resonance*

Believers and Traders – Buy us a cup of coffee, or a few coffees!
Your one-off donation to show your support or each time you make a trade.


 We have two membership levels. Use the Membership tab for more info.

1. Champions and Traders -  $11 monthly membership
Use this to just show you love Resonance* or if you are making multiple trades.

 2. Guardian Angels - $22 monthly membership
Those of you who resonate deeply with our mission and have deeper pockets!

We are so incredibly grateful for your support. It means the world to us!

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