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Hey 👋 I created this page so you can support The Surveyor Hub podcast and community group over on Facebook. All you need to do is buy me a coffee to say thanks.

The Surveyor Hub was borne out of a need for surveyors to feel connected - working on your own can feel quite isolating and sometimes you just want to ask something or share a funny in-joke - it's very much about embracing your inner geek and allowing yourself to be the surveyor you are.

The community group expanded to the podcast and which proved a hit with many surveyors walking their dog or driving in their cars from appointment to appointment.

But the Hub needs your support to continue as it's currently self-funded and being community-driven, supporting the Hub in this way feels like the right thing to do - because it's by surveyors, for surveyors, and always will be.

You can find out more about me and listen to the latest podcast episodes at