Buy Thefeck a coffee


Hola! My name is Saul.

(aka TheFeckAmISigningUpWithFacebook over on Imgur). 

Normally I am technically inept and useless, having spent years making posts on an old iphone with a broken screen, but lookit... I made a page and everything.

This makes me proud.

So, hello to all those curious enough to follow this link.  Thank you.

Now if you being especially generous, you can buy me a coffee.  Long term readers know that my love of coffee is deeply emotional, and co-dependent, but hey... me and coffee are happy.

In time (soon I hope), I will be doing other stuff.  Podcasts and maybe even a slick looking YouTube channel (oooooo... exciting), but for now this is just me being me; proud to be an Imgurian, and proud to share my weird words on that awesome platform.

So, basically, if you do feel like donating, thank you. I'm gonna keep on writing anyway, but you help make things a lot easier.