AWS News letter

The AWS Heatwave show This past Saturday truly lived up to its name! The show started with the GM Dixie the Spider Queen Calling Squeeks the Clown out to the ring. She handed him the AWS Southern Heavy Weight Championship Belt, and said the match between him and Fuego at the last show was only for the Heavy Weight Championship belt, so Squeeks was still the southern heavy weight champion! But the main event match for that night between him and Fuego would be to combine the two titles as one so it was a winner takes all.

After giving Squeeks his Southern Heavy weight title back, Dixie addressed the attack she suffered at the hands of members of Global Domination at the last show. It seemed the board of directors where concerned for her safety and assigned her personal security guard for the evening, and issued a stern warning that if any member of global domination or king enterprises laid a hand on her until she was medical cleared to be able to compete in ring, that Ben Wolf would loose ownership of AWS ! The flip side was Dixie couldn’t start a fight with any of the members by physical touching them either , but taunting them must have been fine as she took every opportunity to do so. Causing Ben wolf to have to physically restrain members of global during the night.

The first <atch of the evening was a heated bout between Dirty Joe and Tyler Blaze for the House of Pain championship ! After demanding a match with Dirty Joe for weeks Tyler Blaze was unable to beat Joe for the Championship! However Dirty Joe was unable to celebrate his win, as Curtis Black came out to issue and demand a match with Joe for the House of Pain Championship he feels he never rightful lost! Things got heated when Curtis Black even told Ben Wolf he didnt care who he had to go through he was getting his match that night. Ben Wolf did what he does best and walked not wanting to deal with confrontation with out members of Global Domination by his side. Dirty Joe and Curtis exchanged words and started to go for a match right then, the ref had to separate the two and tell them it wasn't an official match. With a quick text to confirm with board of directors , GM Dixie The Spider Queen told them to go ahead she approved the match! In what seemed like an impossible feat Dirty Joe was able to defend and keep his title in 2 back to back matches proving he is not only the hardest hitting man in the business but a true fighting champion.

Unfortunately for Curtis Black Ben Wolf brought members of Global Domination out to the ring and told him there was consequences for running his mouth to and about Global Domination, and they proceeded to jump and beat down Curtis Black. GM Dixie The Spider Queen went to break it up and Ben was quick to call of the group so noone hit The GM! Dixie decided to give Curtis the opportunity for a little payback and told him to name his match and she would make it happen! Curtis Black said he wanted Akbar Bashar in a match so that is in the works for a up coming show!

Next It was the start of a tag team tournament for the tag team titles! It was The team of Mark Hazzard and Rush Kennedy vs Akbar Bashar , and it was supposed to be Curtis Black , as you may have guessed that didnt happen. But of course Ben Wolf had someone to team with the Sheik. He brought out JC Wolf. The Global Domination pulled of the win, but their celebration was cut short, by Bubba Hogg who came out to call Ronnie York to the ring, the 2 decided to stop the feud and reunite as the RCA!!!!!! And Challenged the Global Domination team for the title shot. Surprisingly Ben Wolf granted the match. That was set for co main event.

The GM Dixie the Spider Queen took this time to announce she was still a little upset with Akbar Bashar for the kicks to back and stomach at the last show that led to her being injured. She Put a $10.000 bounty on him saying anyone who beat him down to the point he could’t get up while at the show she’d pay! Since she couldn’t do it herself that night. The RCA Said they would be happy to collect.

The next match was between the new comer The Wander and Aj Frost! It was at this time Michael King decided to show up and come out with AJ Frost. King wasted no time calling members of Global Domination out after AJ won the match and they procedded to beat up The Wander ! Once again The GM Dixie the spider Queen had jump in and break up the attack. Again Ben wolf had to remind all his henchmen they couldnt touch Dixie or he would loose ownership of the company.

After a intermission Kat Daddy faced the Orangeburg Bandit in a non title match. With all members of global domation at ringside Kat Daddy easily cheated to win. After the match Dixie told Kat Daddy it was a shame one of the titles was held by a coward that couldn’t win without help! Kat started to go after The overly sassy GM but was stopped other members of Global. And they all left the ring side when Dixie’s security Guard Stood up and showed his taser!

Next up was the Finals Match for tag titles. When Making his way to the ring Akbar claimed Dixie tried to trip him, but Dixie said he stepped on her foot, and noone could really prove or disprove who was right, so Ben got to keep the company and Dixie didnt get in any trouble with the Board of directors. Of course the match was heated between RCA and Global , however the ref let his personal issues with Ronnie York interfere with how he called the match. Global Domation won with a fast count. Global stated to attack and beat down RCA but RCA didnt back down.

Finally the Main event Sqeeks the Clown and Fuego Calderon faced off for the Southern Heavy Weight Championship, with all members of Global Domination banned from ringside it would not be an easy win for Fuego this time. The match went back and forth in a heated and hard fought battle, and it looked like Fuego was going to get the win. Until Squeeks came back with a powerful sideslam.Fuego rolled out of the ring to avoid a pin. GM Dixie told him to get back it the ring , she added the stipulation the title could and would change on a coutout. Fuego told her he was tired of her interfering and mouthing off,. He lost all control when The GM called him a coward , he went to punch Dixie The spider Queen who quickly ducked and her security Guard maced Fuego for trying to attack the GM. Saying she was concerned for Fuego’s eyes Dixie Grabbed a towel and not so gentlly helped him back in the ring . Squeeks took the opportunity to get the pin and win !!!! The night ended with a stare down between Squeeks the Clown and Michael King, and Ben Wolf threatning The GM Dixie the Spider Queen. Its for sure this power struggle is only going to heat up instead of cooling down! So what will the Sept.11th DangerZone show have instore ??? You will have to be there to see!