I honestly do not mind when someone tells me I am high maintenance , because it simply means I value myself enough to not settle for anything less than what I truly desire and know I deserve. I see being high maintenance as being connected to myself worth.

With that being said , I also don't expect someone else to supply all of my desires for me. I pride myself on working to afford the quality skincare ,makeup, spiderbling and shoes that I love! I know what I need to feel and look my best , to be the best me and I allow myself to have those things. I allow myself the time daily to enjoy those things and reward myself for my hard work with beautiful jewelry lots of times it is spider themed, and I admit I love shoes and handbags!

So my question to you are you high maintenance? And what would it look like for you to be the woman who not only takes pride in herself enough to know she deserves to be high maintenance?

Its ok to desire nice things and to have time for selfcare everyday! And I think the people who criticize woman who value themselves are threated by a strong woman! So be you, honor yourself and your desires!