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Hi! My name's Theresa, and I'm the founder and publisher of The Local Tourist and Your Chicago Guide.

For eighteen years, I've been telling people where to go. I've sent out a weekly newsletter for about fifteen of them, highlighting places to go and things to do. For the past year, I've also sent out Wanderlust Wednesday, providing travel tips and inspiration.

We've always been a free resource funded by ads and ticket purchases, and those aren't really a thing right now. As you can imagine, we've taken a huge hit.

If you enjoy the weekly newsletter and the events calendar and all of the content on Your Chicago Guide (formerly The Local Tourist Chicago), if you enjoy my in-depth stories about beautiful and quirky destinations on The Local Tourist, would you consider buying me a coffee? It would help keep me going during this truly uncertain time. 

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May's FREE Photo Download!

May 20, 2020

Each month members can download a gorgeous photo for FREE. They can print it, save it as wallpaper, do whatever they want! It's a $29.99 value. This month's image: Devils Tower National Monument.If yo... see more

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YOU could win one of these gorgeous photos!

Apr 29, 2020

Each month, I'm giving away a matted 8 x 10 photo from my travels. All supporters are automatically entered to win this monthly drawing during the month they contributed. All members are automatically... see more

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Theresa Goodrich 27d
Congratulations, Mervette! She's the April winner of one of these photos!

John bought 3 coffees.

Thank you, kind sir!

JG is now a member.
Doreen Carlson bought a coffee.

Thank you!

Karen Goodrich
Karen Goodrich is now a member.

Good morning Theresa, from  hot & hotter, southern Cal.   Have a great day.  Love you, Mom G

Thank you! Love you!

John bought 3 coffees.

Looking forward to the Book! Enjoy your coffee

Thank you! You're going to love it!