Have faith in all things. Don’t believe God for one area of your life and limit who He is in another.

We tend to sometimes limit God in areas of our lives. For example, we believe He can work miracles in our finances, but then doubt Him in our love life, because it’s taking too long for our liking. On the other hand, we believe God will heal us mentally or emotionally, but stress ourselves out when our bank accounts are looking low. Or even feeling like God can’t possibly heal our addiction to whatever or whoever, but He can move things out the way for us to get a new job. We will have all the faith in the world with some things and then forgot how big our God is when it comes to others.

God even tells us in Matthew 17:20, all He needs us to do is have faith as small as a mustard seed! That’s not asking for a whole lot. Faith as small as a mustard seed and we can tell any mountain in our life to MOVE! That mountain in our finances? MOVE! That mountain of fear, anxiety, depression? MOVE! What about the mountain of chains of certain people in our life? MOVE!! The mountain in the area of our job? Yes, you’ve got it. MOVE!

For me? Faith gives me an extra sense of comfort. See, I have crazy faith…crazy enough to believe that God will perfect all that concerns me. With having that faith, when storms arise I can have a certain peace about things that I don’t get stressed out, or extremely worried… I just give it to God!

Have faith in all things! God will turn things around!